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Professional Development Coaching…a new life's work

What is Professional Development Coaching?

This is form of coaching enables you to gain insight into your life’s work and what you truly want from life, bringing about natural, meaningful and enduring change.

Who is Professional Development Coaching for?

  • people who wish to make a (far-reaching) career move
  • people who no longer wish to see their work, who they are and their life as a whole as completely separate, disconnected elements; who wish to consider their work in terms of their own ‘wholeness’
  • people who wish to (re-)discover, harbour and nurture their creativity and passion, and who want to work with heart (and soul!)
  • people who wish to find their path in life, both personally and professionally,
    by (re-)discovering their natural talents, driving force and dynamism 

Possible themes are:

  • Career guidance :
    • self-exploration
    • envisaging your future career
    • market research & networking



  • Academic-career counselling:
    • the ‘academic competency’: planning, steering, evaluating
    • the ‘career competency’: quality & motivational reflection, work-exploration, networking, career path


  • Entrepreneurship:
    • is it for me?
    • vision & mission
    • business plan
    • set-up



  • Study guidance:
    • process guidance
    • study skill-guidance
    • doctoral & Bachelor’s thesis-guidance
    • English language guidance (see also Into English)



  • Voice Dialogue
  • Inner Child-work
  • Constellations
  • Creation Spiral
  • Energy-reading
  • Visualisations
  • Team Roles (Belbin)
  • Kolb’s Learning Styles
  • NLP/Disney Strategy
  • Core Quadrants
  • Mind-mapping
  • Various (academic-)career guidance tools and games

Work forms:

  • experiential activities
  • awareness activities
  • creative/artistic activities
  • role-playing
  • developmental games & -cards
  • assignments
  • (walking, sitting) meditation

Contact forms

Working languages:

English, Dutch, Spanish and French

heard / read

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